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Grocery Cart Ads Benefit Local Businesses

Targeted Advertising Program for Realtors, Ad Agencies, & Service Providers

In today's multimedia marketplace, local businesses have a huge range of advertising options to choose from, including shopping cart ads. Managing your advertising budget may seem confusing, but a smart business owner must demand certain key results. Successful advertisements should:

StarKart ads on grocery carts meet all these advertising needs and more. Your business benefits from our partnership with top retail chains such as Safeway, Kroger, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, Vons, Ralph’s, Smith’s, Family Dollar, Sears Grand, and Kmart. Shopping cart advertising delivers consistent, repeat exposure for your local business.

You have the flexibility to place one or more ads in selected grocery stores, or in all 12,000 locations. On average, 15,000 shoppers visit each store per week, spending 50 to 60 minutes each time. StarKart advertisers are able to target their message by geographic area, demographic group or both. You can place a different ad in each selected store. Advertisers purchasing over 30% per store receive two ads per store.

The uniquely targeted ads available through StarKart are perfect for local businesses and professional service providers such as:

See our shopping cart ad gallery for examples from a wide variety of StarKart clients.

The founders of StarKart created the concept of local grocery store advertising 25 years ago and we’re still the leader in shopping cart advertising in North America. Contact us online using the contact form to the right, or call 866-767-3238 to let us know how shopping cart advertising can help make your business "the star of the neighborhood!"

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